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Freight clearance is our game. We clear goods and deliver them according to your requirements in no time at all. We work directly with clients’ suppliers to obtain documents we need to clear cargo, from Commercial Invoices and Airway bills to Bills of Lading on a continuous basis. We also take care of all customs documentation, pick-up and delivery of goods, customs clearance and all other allied services. We help our clients achieve seamless delivery from door to door.

We also provide clearance for goods that are in transit through Zimbabwe under our bond from port of entry to port of exit within three (3) days. Our client for removal in transit through Zimbabwe will pay no duties or tax as long as the goods are released under bond for the given period. We have a Removal in Transit bond to cater for goods transiting through Zimbabwe without the hassles of lodging deposits with ZIMRA. For the best and affordable return that exceeds your expectations.





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