When you set out to grow a brand, you cannot just grow the name — you have to work on the entire set of benefits that constitute delivering on what that name promises. Those become the customers’ total experience of a brand. Investing in a name, symbol or logo while neglecting the undergirding structures that enable you to deliver, is a futile exercise. It will not deliver the reputational advantages that you seek, because reputation is a product of performance.

Every brand name carries with it some kind of promise. There is a promise that the name evokes because we have come to expect a certain degree of performance from that name. But these names were not born with the promise attached. They acquire it through years of consistent performance.

Consistent performance is what makes people trust brands, and that’s what makes brands grow stronger. In economies where it is easy to source funding, a business can plan well in advance for production inputs that they need. This secures the consistency of their inputs and if their processes are also consistent, their chances of producing a consistent product are high.

In the retail space, a strong brand will enable you to strengthen your presence on outlet shelves. Retailers feel more confident in stocking a product with a strong brand, because they know there is high consumer demand for it.

Retailers also like products that are supported by good branding practice, because they have a better chance of moving off the shelves and generating sales faster.

In turn, consumers are more likely to purchase a brand when they have developed a clear perception of the performance, benefits and quality of products. A good brand strategy will help us sell into retailers and build retail sales by stimulating demand.

This is why we are working to build a brand name that will be a game changer in our nation